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GOM Space, ISIS, Shanghai YIM, CASC

Our primary market segment is space, of which satellite equipment form as major part. We sell everything and anything that has to do with satellites. Payload, communication gear (including ground stations), on-board power sources, space grade solar cells and panels, 3u - 24u cubesat structures, space grade heaters, on-board cameras, on-board computers etc. We have experience working with GOM Space (Denmark) and Innovative Solutions In Space (Netherlands) along with Shanghai YIM (China) as well as various other satellite manufacturers.

We also provide all sorts of materials required for satellite manufacturing. Aluminum honeycombs (Hexcel Composites, Plascore, etc), Carbon fiber panels, laminates & coatings just to name a few.

Our primary clients in Pakistan include universities such as IST Islamabad and government organizations such as  SUPARCO.

If you're making a satellite, we are ready to be your one stop shop for everything you need.

Satellites equipment
Satellite equipment: Product
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