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Wacker Chemicals (Elastosil), Huntsman (Araldite), Henkel Adhesives, Nusil, Socomore, Solvay, Dow Corning, Elantas PDG

We deal in a wide range range of high-performance epoxies that are primarily used by the aerospace sector. Our primary focus is on providing a wide array of RTV, Araldite, and Nusil products to our clients. Whether you need an epoxy with low outgassing for your satellite or you need an anti electrostatic discharge coating, SAT can deliver. We deal in products ranging from specialized coatings to powerful adhesives and everything in between. Our main clients are universities such as IST (Islamabad) and government organizations such as SUPARCO. Rest assured, we can provide you what you're looking for.

Wacker chemical
Aerospace Epoxies, Resins & Coatings: Product
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