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Kevlar armor


Kevlar, Nomex, Spectra, Dyneema, UHMWPE, Carbon Kevlar Hybrids

We supply various types of aramids (fabric and tow) for industrial, commercial and defense purposes. Our aramid/kevlar is used for industrial safety gloves, biking gear, high-strength ropes, bulletproof jackets and any other products.

We at SAT started out with a small inhouse project to make protective gear for the local police. Our first product was a basic Kevlar bulletproof vest (made with DuPont XP S103 and 770) to protect officers against 9mm rounds. From this basic Kevlar armor prototype we produced two more products. A concealable vest for use by VIPs and protective panels (2 x 2 ft) for use as general purpose bulletproof reinforcements. All of these products are available for sale to civilian and government clients.

Since we have been working with DuPont Kevlar and various other ballistic protection fabrics for many years, we have gained an unparalleled insight into what qualities each type of fabric provides. Some aramids might be good for making safety equipment and rescue gear, such as ropes and harnesses whereas others might be more suitable to stab resistance. Whereas some aramids may be combined with other materials such as carbon fiber to make Carbon Kevlar hybrids. 

Whatever your requirement maybe, we are certain we can help.

Kevlar and Aramids: Products
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