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Toray Composites, Hexcel Composites, Teijin - Tenax, UTEK (3K, 6K, 12K, 15K, 24K - Yarn, Roving Tow, Uni-Directional, All Weaves)

We at Dominion Systems deal in space and aerospace grade carbon fiber. This includes fabrics, tapes, pre-pregs, filaments and hybrids. We also provide automotive and marine grade carbon fiber for commercial use.

Most of our products are from Toray Composites, USA. We carry several major variants such as T300, T400, T700, T800, M40J, M55J, etc. Toray carbon fiber is by far the most widely used brand. We supply Toray fibers to sports equipment manufacturers, safety/rescue gear makers, automotive plants and many other industries. We provide Toray Yarns, Tows, Rovings, Fabrics (all weaves) and pre-pregs.

The next most widely sold brand is Hexcel. We can provide several different grades of Hexcel carbon fiber such as IM6, IM7, IM8, IM9, IM10, HM63, etc. These are primarily used by customers from universities and research institutes i.e. the educational sector whereas Toray is mostly purchased by clients from the manufacturing sector.

Teijin is less well known as compared to Toray and Hexcel. It has fewer products but they can be used as reliable alternatives to Toray and Hexcel. Teijin has a brand called "Tenax" for all its carbon fibers like HTS40, HTS45, IMS60, IMS65, UMS40, UMS45, etc. SAT International can help you decide which of these suits your needs and help you with procurement.

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