Pakistan is a rapidly evolving country and as such new markets for high-tech products are emerging all around. Form Aviation industries to the construction sector, modernization is taking place, and with new technologies come new opportunities. SAT International is a company based on the idea of tapping into this new demand for tech-centric services. We are a company based in Lahore, Pakistan and we deal in product research, design and development along with sourcing and procurement solutions.
We aim to provide our customers with services and products they would usually not be able to acquire in the Pakistani business market, ranging anywhere from the designing of small mechanical parts up to the supply of satellite imagery, and everything in between.
Among other things, we also provide security solutions and products for local Police and law enforcement needs. We design and make our own protective jackets and panels. We also specialize in riot gear, communication equipment, security cameras, metal detectors, baggage scanners, etc. In short, with our company, you can expect the world to become your local supermarket. We hope we will become your go-to guys for all your high-tech needs…



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